6LACK, Leaf, Ravyn Lenae, Twelv'len

Pigeons & Planes x Staple Present NO CEILINGS:

6LACK, Leaf, Ravyn Lenae, Twelv'len

Tue, January 17, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Rough Trade NYC

Brooklyn, NY

$15 advance / $18 day of show

Sold Out

This event is 18 and over

6LACK - A biography

In July 2011, I signed to an independent record label owned by a popular artist at the time. The deal came with an advance that was little to nothing but at the time it was my only way out and the artist who I was signed to was very popular so I took
the chance. After spending a year in college chasing love and studying shit I could care less about I finally had the opportunity to do what I loved so I seized it. I didn't even withdraw from VSU, I just dropped everything and left. Initially it wasn't that bad, but it never is in the beginning. In the years to follow I found myself at my absolute lowest. After the little advance money ran out I was unable to eat most nights, had no stable place to stay, and found myself living out of a ripped up backpack. They had me making hundreds of songs I hated to meet their criteria of what they viewed as "hit records." All I ever heard in that place was hit record hit record hit record hit record. I watched so many people go in and out of that studio, they always used to tell me that I was special, that I was next up. All I felt was jailed. Instead of doing their whole two-step and dancing in the shackles they set out for
me, I chose to sit in that cage and not release any of the music they forced me to make. They wanted me to just be a hit song and I wanted to show them I was more than that.

For the next three years I had to make moves in secrecy. I put music out on my Soundcloud even though my contract didn't allow me to release any music on my own. With the few songs I put out I grew enough of a following and established my brand. When the label found out I thought they would start taking me seriously but they didn't and that's when I knew I had to get the fuck out of there. I needed to work with people who understood my vision and would get behind it. People who understood what was going on in popular culture and not just popular radio. I
eventually found that team in LVRN. I remember sitting down for our first meeting, thinking about how much I was over the industry and hated the people in it, but I listened and all of my doubt quickly disappeared. They understood that music is so
much more than just making hit records and they understood everything I wanted to establish with my brand. I believed in them and they believed in me. When I met them I had recently gotten out of the contract I was trapped in for so long. It's
amazing how something so small as a piece of paper can control you for life. For five years I felt owned. There were so many times I wanted to upload my entire hard drive of songs to Soundcloud and just put it out, but I couldn't sell myself short so I
waited. It was painful at times, like I just wanted to quit and never make music again, but when you have a vision it's kinda hard to call it quits.

I've always known what I wanted to do but I couldn't do it alone. The one thing that has gotten me through all of these years of living in captivity was love. Love from friends, family, fans and even strangers. So much of it that I often look at the little
I've done so far and wonder what the hell people see in me. I've had the opportunity to meet some amazing people in my life and the fact that most of them remain regardless if I ever released another song is a blessing I'll never take for granted.
After five years I'm free from my first contract, I now have an amazing team in LVRN and I'm finally able to do shit the way it should've been from the jump.

Here's to being free. - 6LACK
Raised in New York City and now living and working in Atlanta, 21 year old phenom Leaf personifies the modern young multi-hyphenate: writing and producing her own music, directing and editing her own videos, and even designing her own MBM clothing line. Yet what sets Leaf apart from her DIY counterparts is a raw, undeniable personal charisma and seductive artistic vision, both of which are captured in peak form on her Magnet Bitch EP.

Vicious raps and ethereal, angelic vocals shove back and forth over goth-ed out sub bass throughout Magnet Bitch (named after Leaf’s self-proclaimed “magnet bitch movement” of female solidarity) making for a captivatingly quick, must-rewind listen. From the swaggering “Drama” to the acoustic coda of “Slick” and the spacey kiss-off anthem “Calling Me Like,” Magnet Bitch captures the many moods of Leaf in hi-def, and sets the stage for her upcoming Fool’s Gold / RPM full-length.

Leaf recently walked for Namilia in the VFILES SS16 Runway Show. She has also been featured in publications including Galore, PAPER, Spin, Complex, Interview Magazine, Saint Heron, Nylon, Vibe, Bullett and more.
Ravyn Lenae
Ravyn Lenae
It's hard to believe that someone so young could be bursting with so much talent; but listen to Ravyn Lenae and you'll quickly realize that age is truly just a number. At 17 years old, the classically trained singer/songwriter is taking the music world by storm with her inimitable style, which seamlessly melds elements of R&B, Electronic, Soul and Hip-Hop. As Pitchfork declared, "She roars. She soars. She has the right."

Born and raised on Chicago's often turbulent south side, Lenae is part of "Zero Fatigue," a local music collective that boasts artists like Smino and Jean Deaux, as well as producer, Monte Booker. In early 2015, Lenae released her single, "Greetings," which quickly became a household favorite in the Chicago area and beyond. Soon after, she signed with renowned Chicago-based record label, Three Twenty Three Music Group.

In August of 2015, Lenae released her highly acclaimed debut EP, Moon Shoes, which premiered on Fake Shore Drive and My Mixtapes and has well over two million plays on SoundCloud. Hypetrak appropriately described the EP as a "combination of entrancing vocals, control over creative cadences and superb writing, and noted that Lenae demonstrates an "incredible collection of skills that many singers work a lifetime on perfecting." After the success of Moon Shoes, Lenae was named Verizon's Big Break Artist on WGCI in Chicago, as well as one of BBC Radio's New Names of 2016. To date, Lenae has performed all over the country, including headlining appearances at Chicago's African Fest and at House of Blues Chicago.

Given her remarkable ability to blend genres, it's no surprise that Lenae has been influenced by a wide variety of artists, from Stereolab and Outkast to Bob Marley and Ella Fitzgerald. "I tend to take small bits and pieces from my favorite artist, and incorporate them into my own work," shares Lenae. And, maybe that's why some of her favorites - like Erykah Badu and NAS - are now reaching out as dedicated fans of Lenae.

With a lifetime ahead of her, fans can look forward to a whole lot more from Ravyn Lenae. "I plan to touch as many people with my music as I possibly can," says Lenae. "And, I can't wait to learn more about the world and about myself. I know I still have to tap into my full potential, and discover the true Ravyn Lenae."
Venue Information:
Rough Trade NYC
64 N 9th St
Brooklyn, NY, 11249