RANN, Mobile Steam Unit


Mobile Steam Unit

Victor Nader & The Peculiars, Flying Boots

Sat, June 3, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Rough Trade NYC

Brooklyn, NY

$10 advance / $12 day of show

This event is 21 and over

Born out of years of diverse artistic collaborations and a steady hunt for an original music endeavor or their own, RANN is the result of 4 Brooklyn based musicians locking themselves in a isolated cabin during the winter of 2014.

In less than a year of existence RANN wrote, produced and released a nine-track album (“Yellowgun”) and played more than 100 shows in more than 40 different cities in the U.S including 8 shows at SXSW and renown NYC venues such as (Le) Poisson Rouge, The Knitting Factory and Webster Hall. RANNs first album "Yellowgun" received several reviews from online press internationally:

"For young bands, there are no greater elements essential to success than having great songs and a great live show. The rest is just static.
For Brooklyn-based psychedelic-leaning pop-rock band RANN, combining the two is a no-brainer." (Vanyaland)

They’re the latest Brooklyn based band to carve out a niche for themselves in that idiosyncratic indie scene—a five-man ensemble forged from an elusive winter’s night “locking themselves in an isolated cabin” and reemerging with their own collage-genre of rock, dream pop, and punk. Yes, Rann dove into those well-visited depths of trippy psychedelia and in-your-face, garage-band angst, but managed to pull it off without merely repackaging the greats (and kudos to them for that). As for where they fall on the spectrum, think Phoenix with a touch more grit, or The Strokes draped in synth. (Thrd coast)

My ready-made categories and standards of evaluation didn’t quite apply to their music. And yet I saw so much in it that was familiar: Lucy and her celestial diamonds were there. The loose brick in the wall was there. The owner of that lonely heart was there. Every breath I’ve taken, it seems, was there. That is, the music incorporated the trajectory of an entire tradition that I, as a listener, could recognize. Still, the feeling of vertigo was undeniable. (J.P Pereira)

RANN just came back from their second national tour this year, where they spent three weeks of isolation at another cabin writing songs for their new album. RANNs ever growing followers eagerly expect the bands new album in the summer of 2017.
Mobile Steam Unit
Mobile Steam Unit
January 2014. Early morning.

EPA dirty-water technician Doug Renegleis (pronounced re-nuh-GLESE) awoke from his beach-chair snooze at the edge of the Gowanus Canal to the buzzing of his phone.

It was an email.

Lab tests on the prior week's collection of Gowanus Canal sludge had uncovered unprecedented levels of ununseptium (element 117 in the periodic table), a highly radioactive evaporation residue resulting from the fusion of calcium and berkelium.

"What?" Renegleis muttered to himself. "That's impossible."

Renegleis was turning the phone over in his hand, trying to wrap his mind around the findings, when suddenly a growl came from the canal. Sprinting over to the edge, Renegleis arrived just in time to see what could only have been some type of hallucination: two giant construction workers, possibly twins, heaving mightily at a thick rope the end of which was tied to a hulking mess of goop and metal slowly emerging from the water. Renegleis strained his eyes into focus, the twins strained their muscles, and slowly the instrument revealed itself. Could it be? A giant bear trap.

On that cold January night Renegleis wrote a short a poem. Then BOOM.


In March of that same year four men were found inside a recently pressure-washed subway car, alive but unconscious, piled in a corner by the motorman's booth and enveloped in a sopping mess of frayed quarter-inch cables and black mayonnaise. Their ranks included a prominent luthier, a Zen HVAC technician, a retired garbage man, and a software rocketeer. Terrified that these men were the victims of some foul chemical experiment, the NYCTA workers turned their power washers on the crumpled bodies and let it rip.

Steam filled the car. The sound of yelling, wild laughter.

Minutes later, they emerged. Cleansed. Ready.

"Where's my keyboard?" said one.
"I don't know," said another. "But I think we're late for practice."

This is Mobile Steam Unit.

Blast with Steam
Make It Clean
Venue Information:
Rough Trade NYC
64 N 9th St
Brooklyn, NY, 11249