James, Oscar, Pinact, September Girls, Adult Jazz





September Girls

Adult Jazz

Fri, October 24, 2014

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 12:30 pm

Rough Trade NYC

Brooklyn, NY


This event is all ages

James - (Set time: 3:30 PM)
JAMES is set to return to North America for a West Coast run of dates around their performances at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, before heading off to Mexico and South America. Returning again with their original line-up, the UK band continues to innovate both in the way they record music and how they perform it live. They recently toured the UK's most beautiful and premier classical venues playing songs from their vast catalogue with a new spin--performing with a full orchestra and choir in tow. James received critical praise for their 2010 US tour and two-disc CD The Morning After The Night Before (see quotes below) and are writing music for their follow-up album.

Frontman Tim Booth notes: "We return to the land of milk and honey. In our gnarly battered tour bus we follow the path of the wagon trains. The West coast calls. Sorry East coast fans--economics… next time." He cheekily adds, "Don't miss us this time. You never know how much more of this we have in us."

James is also set to release The Gathering Sound--a limited edition deluxe box set--this spring. The set includes three CDs, a DVD, a 12" vinyl record and a unique j-shaped USB stick. The USB stick includes JAMES' eleven studio albums and non-album "best of" tracks in 16 bit FLAC and 320 kbps MP3 formats plus the videos for the singles. The videos will be in a format which will allow you to load them onto your mobile device (smart phones, iPod touches, etc). The three CDs feature an album of live rarities, one of studio rarities and one with The Morning After The Night Before. The DVD features Come Home Live, their legendary homecoming show at Manchester's Gmex, available on DVD for the very first time.

James is: Tim Booth (singer), Jim Glennie (bass), Larry Gott (guitars), Saul Davies (guitar, violin), Mark Hunter (keyboards), David Baynton-Power (drums) and Andy Diagram (trumpet). Gott and Jim Glennie (whom the band is named after) were founding members of the band and together with Booth formed its nucleus. In 2006, Gott and Glennie contacted Booth again and asked if he was interested in a reunion. The result was the 2008 release of Hey Ma, the band's first album in seven years. Two years later, James returned with two-CD set The Morning After The Night Before and a long awaited and critically-praised U.S. tour. James has released 11 studio albums, sold more than 12 million albums worldwide, and has had almost twenty U.K. Top 40 singles. Their 1993 Brian Eno-produced album Laid resulted in the huge modern rock hit singles "Laid" and "Say Something," resulting in a top spot on the Billboard 100 Chart and a gold album.

The New York City-born, Russian-raised musical alchemist Elizaveta will be the special guest on the North American shows. With the ability to seamlessly fuse opera, electronic music, pop and indie into an intoxicating and infectious hybrid, Elizaveta has tastemakers buzzing. Her debut EP Beatrix Runs, out now, is a prelude to her Greg Wells-produced debut album due in the coming months on Universal Republic.
Oscar - (Set time: 2:45 PM)
Pinact - (Set time: 2:00 PM)
September Girls - (Set time: 1:15 PM)
September Girls
September Girls. Do so much. I was your butch. And you were touched. I loved you well nevermind. I've been crying. All the time.

Oh wait. That's September Gurls. Not September Girls. Sorry. My bag, Don. My bag.

Take Ireland's overcast skies and move them permanently to Southern California (via some evil arch-villain's diabolical plan to screw up our weather system because his parents never took him to fly a kite as a kid or something) and the pop music made as a result might sound like this.

September Girls are a fuzzy band of five ladies from Dublin that play really good reverb pop. You know, the kinda noisy and slightly psych-y reverb pop that slowly swirls-irls-irls-rls-ls-lss-s-s (there may be even a little bit of indiepop going on here - but I hesitate to mention it - because I don't want to unnecessarily jingle the jangle of your fragile expectations).

So yeah, this is good pop. But this isn't necessarily sunny-happy-times-are-here-again pop, per se. But it's not exactly talking-to-your-imaginary-shadow-on-my-bedroom-wall pensive goth pop, either. Sunshine. Shadows. September Girls' vibe is somewhere in between. There are shades to these things, dear Rockness reader. Reverb brings emotional nuance, guys-uys-ys-s-s-s.

Listening to September Girls makes me feel like I just discovered a most wondrous buried treasure in a cave hidden off a hidden cove that I now have no way of getting out from.

Listening to September Girls makes me feel like I have the lingering sand of better times in the elastic band of my half-dried-still-clingy swimsuit and I didn't bring a change of clothes and it's a long ride home even when traffic isn't bad and it is.

Listening to September Girls makes me feel like my best fake friends on Facebook always take better vacations than me.

Listening to September Girls makes me feel like…..what? What's that? How about I just tell you what other bands they sound like? Or better yet, just let me listen myself and make up my own damn mind? Well, I'm certainly sorry for wanting to try and connect with you on, like, a deeper, more spiritual level. But at least I finally got you to say something.

Phil Spector meets Best Coast meets My Bloody Valentine. Is that what you want out of your band blurbs? Fine. September Girls is Phil Spector meets Best Coast meets My Bloody Valentine.

And here's your damn stream.

(December boys got it bad. December boys got it bad.)
Adult Jazz - (Set time: 12:30 PM)
Adult Jazz
A single-note drone fills the air, joined by a lilting, pitch-shifted vocal. The mercurial melody falls between folk, plainsong, pop and jazz, the words trigger equally beguiling images and the voice has an uninhibited, freestyle timbre. There are only periodic splashes of additional mutant colour and it's not until four full minutes that polyrhythmic drums kick in to propel a uncanny, kinetic arrangement that constantly ebbs and flows.

At seven minutes and twenty nine seconds, 'Hum' is as audacious as it is a brilliant introduction to a record. But then Adult Jazz are an audacious proposition. Through nine tracks and 51 minutes, their debut album Gist Is, released on the band's own label Spare Thought, is a voyage that's startling, mesmerising and magical from start to finish, taking a labyrinthian, fragmented pop-not-pop path, through breathtaking detours, incorporating songs within songs, but very light on its feet and as playful as it is cerebral.

"Slippery and minimal," was The Fly's verdict in its top five 'Ones To Watch' for 2014. Reviewing 'Springful/'Am Gone', the band's AA-sided debut single released in January 2014, Stereogum described it as, "quirky and disjointed, yet somehow gliding gracefully through the air." DIY magazine said, "a mind-bending strain of art-pop that promises to slot them somewhere alongside Wild Beasts and These New Puritans in terms of fantastically British seriousness."

Whichever adjectives – and there will be many – are used to label Adult Jazz, only one thing is for certain: this music only obeys its own internal logic.

"We don't see ourselves as having a sound, it's more aspects that we agree are within the scope of what we do," ventures singer and spokesperson Harry Burgess on behalf of bandmates Tom Howe, Tim Slater and Steven Wells. "Something melodic and friendly, but with an uncommon character. We like that juxtaposition between, say, something my mother would like, and something she would find difficult! We also don't feel it's necessary to tap an idea if we've done it once. It means the voices and words are free to be explored and dance around."

That sense of exploration and freedom defines the sound and vision of Gist Is, from the upbeat, off-the-beat orbit of 'Am Gone' to the uncanny, skittering lullaby 'Pigeon Skulls', from the surging dig-rhythms of 'Idiot Mantra' to the shifting sections over ten entrancing minutes that is 'Spook', from "big, slow build to big joyful explosion to a reflective middle, then a massive long grandiose build to an end," says Harry. On its own, 'Springful', appears to transform from blues spiritual to folk-pop to an Afro-tinged passage, which seems to keep the band off-guard as much as the listener. There are myriad samples, sonics that don't readily admit which instrument made them on, and Harry's vocal dexterity, judiciously employing falsetto rather than using it as an over-egged default mechanism.

Gist Is also evolved intuitively, taking four years to finish. Studies (and more recently, day jobs) had to be factored in, but the dominant factor was having the freedom, "to write and to realise a direction as we went along. There was no prescribed path for the album, so we could take an internalised approach."

Enigmatic, non-linear, challenging, fascinating, complex it wouldn't be 'Adult Jazz' if everything was spelt out and instantly understood. The gist is, Gist Is invites the listener to take time to discover its multiple folds, corners and tangents: but what is absolutely certain is a unique proposition, the combination of four audacious and brilliant musical minds.
Venue Information:
Rough Trade NYC
64 N 9th St
Brooklyn, NY, 11249