Immersion Close Out North American Tour Tomorrow Night at Rough Trade NYC

July 13, 2018

English singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Colin Newman is perhaps most known for fronting the post-punk outfit Wire, while most know Israeli musician and visual artist Malka Spigel for founding the influential European band Minimal Compact. The two met—and then married—in the mid-’80s, settling down in London and eventually starting their own record label. A decade later, they formed the experimental-instrumental duo Immersion, mining Krautrock, techno and ambient sounds to craft unique musical soundscapes, releasing three albums (stream them below), in the ’90s, before turning toward other projects. But they relaunched Immersion with the 2016 release of Analogue Creatures Living on an Island (stream it below). “In the ’90s, Immersion briefly masqueraded as a German techno duo, and while Germanic influences still loom large, this is electronic music for listening rather than dancing,” said the Quietus. “This feels more than anything like futuristic church music: beautifully austere, neither uplifting nor sorrowful, but simply there, and full of infinite wonder for just that reason.” Immersion (above, performing “Seeing Is Believing” with Matt Schulz on drums) returned just a few weeks ago with another LP, Sleepless (stream it below). “In general, it’s difficult to think of Immersion as anything other than a side project; they experiment with ideas rather than fully commit to them, and it’s hard to disassociate Newman’s familiar guitar sound from his main group,” offered AllMusic. “That said, the rebooted Immersion sound far more engaging than the project’s original incarnation, which had a tendency to meander, and Sleepless is certainly one of its best efforts.” Immersion close out their North American tour tomorrow night at Rough Trade NYC.

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